Tokyo Tower Wax Museum

The wax work museum in Tokyo Tower is underwhelming. A random selection of celebrities have been thrown together willy nilly, many of whom bear little resemblance to their real life counterparts. My friend and I guessed that perhaps they had not managed to get the proper licensing sorted out, and therefore had to ensure that models only half looked like someone sort of famous. Below is a picture of Moolia Roberts, the likeness is truly uncanny:


Ok so I guess this does kind of look like Jesus, or at least how we imagine him to have looked. If he existed. He looks bored with life and everything that being a waxwork doll has to offer:


After about ten minutes of this disappointment comes the good stuff. A room entitled “from overground to underground” displaying models of obscure prog rock, psychedelic and kraut rock musicians. Inspired stuff.




Frank Zappa!


Jethro Tull!




Clearly the creators of this museum had a very niche taste in music and probably knew there was a gap in the market for life size Manuel Gottsching models. Hats off to them for not giving a shit.